200 x 5′ + 120 x 7′
Format Details
Season 1: 50 x 5'
Season 2: 50 x 5'
Season 3: 50 x 5'
Special Season 1: 10 x 5'
Special Season 2: 40 x 5'
Refresh Season 1: 100 x 7'
Refresh Season 2 (Bravo Babilu): 20 x 7'
Production Year(s)
2011, 2022
Target Age
Live Action
Series, Special
Comedy, Education
Produced By
Studio 100

This preschool phenomenon from the Benelux takes toddlers to the exiting circus life.

Bumba the clown takes us on some fabulous circus adventures, accompanied by his funny friends, Bambalu the clown, Nandu the bear, Zazati (Bumba´s Asian friend), Tumbi the elephant, Pantuf the rhino and Kiwi the bird. They perform all sorts of circus acts in a colourful setting. Bumba and his friends speak a fantasy language all of their own whilst a narrator helps explain what’s going on.