Pash, Studio 100 Media’s and ZDF Studios‘ Amazon Prime channel, launched in Poland and France

April 19, 2023

Less than one year after its international launch, the mutually shared Amazon Prime Video Channel Pash is now also available in Poland and France. Operated by Studio 100 Media and ZDF Studios, Pash offers viewers a wide selection of great kids & family programs.

Pash, available on Amazon Prime in France since 8 March 2023, and in Poland since 20 March 2023, offers a range of series from Studio 100 Media’s and ZDF Studios’ catalogues. The partner’s most famous brands such as Maya the Bee, H2O – Just add water, Mia and me, The Bureau of Magical Things, Heidi, The Jungle Book, House of Anubis and Dance Academy, can also be found on the channel.

Pash is a new international brand for children of all ages that provides high-quality entertainment for young viewers by offering content in numerous languages across multiple countries. Throughout Pash’s territories, the line-up enables viewers to choose between hundreds of animations, and live-action shows and movies appealing to kids and their parents.