Studio 100 Film adds NORTH to its film slate, unveiling first images and scenes at Marche du Film

Mai 4, 2023

Germany’s Studio 100 Film is adding a new project to its animation film slate: “North”. Produced by PictoryLand, the Norwegian CGI film is currently in pre-production with delivery planned for Q4 2024, just in time to make it the perfect family movie for the holiday season. Studio 100 Film will cover all worldwide film sales except for the Scandinavian territories and will introduce the project, showing the first teaser and art designs of the characters and set locations, at this year’s Marche du Film in Cannes.

“North” is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, bringing to life the power of courage, persistence, and the endlessly redeeming potential of true love. The exciting adventure is aimed at kids and families with a runtime of 85 minutes. Directed by Bente Lohne and produced by Haakon Gundersen (Flight of the Navigator, Free Jimmy), the film follows the journey of the young girl Gerda, who embarks on a dangerous mission to save her best friend Kai from the Snow Queen’s icy grip.

Joining the project as consulting producer, Academy-Award-winner (Toy Story) and Pixar Animation co-founder Ralph Guggenheim, commented: “There is a long tradition in animation of taking classic stories from the past and re-telling them in new ways for a new generation. ’North’ takes its inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’, as a contemporary adventure for family audiences everywhere. I am thrilled to be working with PictoryLand and Studio 100 on this exciting new project!”

Thorsten Wegener, Head of Business Operations, Studio 100 Films adds: “We feel extremely inspired to add ‘North’ to our slate and introduce audiences to the magical world of Gerda and the Snow Queen. The film’s heartwarming story, stunning animation, and talented cast and crew make it a must-see for families during the holiday season in 2024 and beyond.”

The film promises to be a visual feast, showcasing the stunning landscapes of Norway and the magical world of the Snow Queen. The talented team behind “North” includes some of the industry’s best animators, composers, and sound designers.

„We are excited to partner with Studio 100 Film to bring ‚North‘ to audiences worldwide,“ added Haakon Gundersen, producer of „North.“ „The film’s themes of love, friendship, and perseverance are timeless, and we can’t wait to share Gerda’s journey with the world.“


“NORTH” – synopsis:

Young Gerda sets off into the great unknown in search of her friend Kai, who has mysteriously vanished. On her journey, Gerda makes friends with people, birds, beasts, and a kind witch, unaware that a hostile, unseen enemy, the Snow Queen and her devil apprentice, Luiz, are watching her. The evil queen keeps Kai prisoner in her ice palace way up north in Finnmark, Norway. Together, Gerda and Kai escape from her clutches, arriving back home just in time for the happiest winter holiday ever.