About us

Our mission is to craft captivating stories, create strong brands and shape the future of kids and family entertainment.

Headquartered in Munich, we represent a diverse portfolio of iconic brands, including “Maya the Bee”, “Heidi”, “Vic the Viking”, and an array of other unforgettable screen heroes. Alongside these much-loved classics, we constantly innovate by crafting new characters and stories for a unique entertainment experience. With our own animation studio “Studio Isar Animation” (SIA) based in-house, we create new state-of-the-art content and in the next step ensure its international success across all channels. Discover our wide range of exciting stories and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of kids and family entertainment!

As an official YouTube partner, we generate various clips, compilations and character specials for our worldwide audiences.

Meet our animation studios

Founded in Munich in 2018, Studio Isar Animation (SIA), is a 100% subsidiary of Studio 100 International.

As the driving force behind our work SIA is committed to crafting colorful CGI content, tailored specifically for our main audience: KIDS & FAMILIES!

3 Doubles Producciones is an established studio for high quality animation based in Tenerife (Spain). Since mid-2023 we own a stake of the 2D animation and CGI studio.

Meet our network

We are part of the Studio 100 Group, a vertically integrated entertainment powerhouse rooted in Europe, engaging in family theme parks, leading live show productions, and managing live action and animation studios worldwide.

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