We deliver magical moments for the wonderful audience of kids & families.

Welcome to our world of timeless storytelling! As a classic independent producer, our passion lies in crafting movies and series for the global stage, touching the hearts of kids and families worldwide.

Our productions are focused on entertaining content that is interwoven with meaningful messages. Each story we bring to life is meticulously developed, financed, and produced, striving for excellence while ensuring it remains accessible to all. Our ambition is not just to entertain – it is to offer the best in quality content and to build strong brands.

We welcome co-productions, believing that diverse perspectives enrich the storytelling experience. Seeking long-term partnerships, we aim to build enduring relationships founded on creativity, trust, and shared vision.

We operate our own CGI studio “Studio Isar Animation” (SIA), and we own a stake in 3 Doubles Producciones, based in Tenerife, ensuring that our stories come to life through cutting-edge technology and innovation.



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