130 x 12′
Format Details
Season 1: 78 x 12'
Season 2: 52 x 12'
Production Year(s)
2012, 2017
Target Age
3D Animation (CGI)
Produced By
Studio 100 Animation SAS in association with TF1 and ZDF

A wonderful rejuvenation of Maya the Bee. Now in stunning CGI!

Based on the well known books written by Waldemar Bonsels, Maya is a story of a little bee that “goes her own way”. The other bees she was born with, are content with the regimented life of the hive and happily do whatever their teacher, Miss Cassandra asks of them. But not Maya! For better or worse she’s just too curious and high spirited to let life simply pass her by. If a leaf floats onto the pond, Maya sees a sailing adventure waiting to happen. If there’s a flower that only blooms once a year on a lonely hill top, Maya mounts an expedition to see it. Her adventures sometimes get her into trouble, but luckily she has Flip, a kind and friendly grasshopper, and Willy her best friend to help her out.