52 x 11′
Production Year(s)
Target Age
3D Animation (CGI)
Produced By
T&B Media Global, Flying Bark Productions

“FriendZSpace” orbits around three intrepid best pals—Alice, Leo, and Kim—who may seem like your average kids next door, but beneath their everyday personas, they’re daring deep space friend makers!

Each episode catapults these three risk-taking adventurers into the cosmos aboard their unpredictable star cruiser, “The Dart.” Accompanied by their trusty companion, BotDog – a curious blend of pup and high-tech Swiss army knife – their mission is as simple as it is wonderfully weird: Seek out planets, connect with alien youngsters, and foster friendships.

However, bonding with alien kids proves to be no walk in the park! From residing within the unruly eyebrows of moody slobbering beasts to towering over Earth kids like skyscrapers, the encounters are as over-the-top as they are unpredictable. Yet, every alien youngster they meet is ripe for friendship, even if befriending them comes with its fair share of challenges. From navigating through bizarre customs to grappling with alien biological quirks, each interaction is a hilarious adventure in its own right.

In this action-packed stories, the merging of wild adventure and character-driven comedy creates a whirlwind of hilarity and heart. With no holds barred and an irreverent spirit, “FriendZSpace” delivers a sweet and silly journey of almost regular kid lives filled with friendship, fun, and plenty of nuts encounters. So buckle up and join the kids Alice, Kim, and Leo as they navigate the cosmos in search of the ultimate cosmic connection!