Gaumont Animation and Studio 100 Media forge worldwide first look partnership for co-productions and distribution of animated TV series and films

June 12, 2023

Gaumont Animation and Studio 100 Media, two award-winning, international animation production and distribution companies, today announced a first look pact solidifying their collaboration globally. This newly formed alliance will entail co-productions and distribution of animated, kids and family TV series and films, fostering creative synergy between the two companies.

With immediate effect, Gaumont Animation, the producer of the Peabody and multiple Emmy® Award winning series Stillwater (Apple TV+), Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles and Do, Re & Mi (Amazon), and Studio 100 Media, the home of hit series and movies such as Maya The Bee, Vic the Viking, Heidi and Mia and me, will join forces to bring exceptional content to audiences worldwide.

“We are thrilled to embark on this global partnership with Studio 100 Media,” stated Terry Kalagian, President Global Animation, Kids & Family. “By combining our strengths and leveraging our collective experience, we are poised to deliver compelling and high-quality animated content that resonates with audiences across the globe.”

“Our collective experience and strengths will garner exceptional opportunities to create powerful diverse series and films that will inspire and captivate viewers worldwide. This collaboration opens new avenues for creative synergies, and we are delighted to enter into this groundbreaking partnership with Gaumont,” emphasized Martin Krieger, CEO of Studio 100 Media.

Through this strategic first look arrangement, Gaumont Animation and Studio 100 Media will engage in co-productions, working hand in hand to develop and produce captivating TV series and films. The first co-production is the animated series Ash in collaboration with bigchild Entertainment. The alliance between Gaumont and Studio 100 Media is expected to yield multiple project announcements throughout the year.

Furthermore, this joint effort presents an opportunity to leverage Studio 100 Media’s robust distribution arm, amplifying the reach and impact of the jointly produced content. Tiny Head, an animated co-production between Gaumont Animation and Cloudco Entertainment is one of the first projects which will benefit from the newly formed partnership.