Studio 100 International announces “Maya the Bee” cinema promotion across Poland

May 16, 2024

Studio 100 International not only covers the distribution and licensing of films and series, but also activates its brands through a variety of measures. This is part of a broader strategy to leverage popular characters in dynamic settings, ensuring fans old and new can experience their favorite stories in innovative ways. The company in collaboration with Generation Media (UK) has launched a unique cinematic experience with much loved character “Maya the Bee”. Following special premiere events in three Polish cities, families across Poland can now join in a special 60-minute interactive cinema event at nearly 50 Multikino Vue locations.

The “Maya the Bee” cinema event promises an immersive journey into Maya’s world on the Poppy Meadow, including four popular episodes of the CGI series, featuring the story of Maya’s birth. Between episodes, children and their families will be invited to participate in fun-filled activities including puzzling, dancing, and sing-alongs, designed to enhance their connection with Maya’s adventurous tales.

The premiere event in Bydgoszcz, Gdánsk and Zabrze featured a special framework program, providing attendees with engaging beekeeper information, enriching their understanding and appreciation of bees and their vital role in our ecosystem. The cinema events are extensively promoted by theatrical promotions, many social media activities, family mailings, PR campaigns and influencer support.

“This new and innovative format not only allows kids to experience Maya’s world in a completely fresh and engaging way but also extends our mission to deliver enriching family entertainment that educates and inspires via various platforms” said Peter Kleinschmidt, Director of Marketing at Studio 100 International.

Studio 100 International plans to extend this cinematic experience into various markets as part of its international marketing strategy to support its key brands with innovative activities.

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